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             Galesville, Wis 54630

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M-F   8:00 - 5:30

SAT   8 - NOON

24/7 TOWING 

Local Weather for Galesville, WI 

Today  (02/18/2019)
Partly Cloudy
Prediction: Partly Cloudy
Tuesday  (02/19/2019)
Partly Cloudy

Hi: 22°F

Lo: 15°F

Prediction: Partly Cloudy
Wednesday  (02/20/2019)
Cloudy with Snow

Hi: 31°F

Lo: 19°F

Prediction: Cloudy with Snow
Thursday  (02/21/2019)
Partly Cloudy

Hi: 28°F

Lo: 8°F

Prediction: Partly Cloudy
Friday  (02/22/2019)
Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Snow Showers

Hi: 34°F

Lo: 24°F

Prediction: Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Snow Showers

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